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#1249 mailman-created archives are a PITA by default

Pipermail (108)
Toni Mueller


after finally getting _thoroughly_fed_up_ with the broken archiving options of Mailman, which do nothing to thwart spammers, but makes re-integrating the mail into a live mailbox for local reading a PITA, I came across this thread:

I can "fix" all the mail addresses in an archive I've downloaded using only two vi commands, and I could fix the stupid date format using one more command (presumably), but the fact that any spam bot worth their salt could do it automatically, or that a script doing it could be written in five minutes, doesn't imho warrant to create that extra pain for all regular users.
Mailman should provide non-obfuscated archives by default or fully obfuscated archives, at the administrator's discretion, and with a good explanation up front that all the listmasters can read before toggling the switch. Btw, I do have a "legitimate" use for un-obfuscated email addresses (ie, being able to reply to posts after joining a list), but the current state of affairs _only_ serves to aggravate legitimate users, and should be considered snake oil at best, and also "advertised" as such.