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0.5.1 (development) released

Mailfilter 0.5.1 is a development release and has been unleashed upon mankind today. It mainly adds a scoring mechanism similar to other filtering software. Check out the NEWS file for further information.

Posted by Andreas Bauer 2003-04-12

Mailfilter 0.3.1 released

A new development release of Mailfilter is available now. To find out what was changed and improved, have a look the project's homepage:

Posted by Andreas Bauer 2001-12-02

Mailfilter 0.2.4 released

It's been out for a couple of days, but I forgot to announce it. Anyway, Mailfilter 0.2.4 fixes a couple of bugs and I urge you to get an update in order to get rid of those nasty spammers. Feedback is always welcome! Enjoy!

Posted by Andreas Bauer 2001-10-24

Mailfilter 0.2.3 released

New stable release of Mailfilter available.
This version fixes a number of bugs, an update
is highly recommended. Please consult the project
homepage for a detailed change log.

Posted by Andreas Bauer 2001-08-15

Mailfilter 0.2.2 released

This version is mainly addressing GCC 3.0.x
compatibility issues. Now there should be no
more compilation problems.

Posted by Andreas Bauer 2001-07-18