#1 Nothing displayed


Nothing is displaying on the page. I have isolated the
problem down to the RSSCache function in the
RSSCache class - but cant seem to find out what the
problem is.

Nothing will parse after the RSSCache function is used
in the _response_to_rss function.

An empty folder called cache is being created.

Why is nothing being outputed?


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    Please contact r3n@clan-hq.com about this problem asap.

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    I just found a bug not in the RSSCache, but in the HTTP
    class Snoopy.class.inc tied to the new GZIP support. I
    assume this is the problem you're seeing. I'm on the road
    right now but will try to get a new version out as soon as
    possible. The fix is checked into CVS.

    For more info, and a link to the appropiately fixed item see:

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    I am having this problem too. I did the modifications. Namely,
    i replaced the snoopy class with the updated version. Problem
    is that I still get nothing. I have given 777 permission to the
    cache folder. It still writes nothing. I do not understand.

    I am using mandrake linux 9.2 with apache 2, php4, and
    webmin. I currently have the directory setup for the default
    path of /vars/www/html Its driving me crazy that none of
    the rss feeds are working with linux, but they work with

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    hi nobody,

    can't really help you without more details including:

    * which version of magpie
    * the URL of an RSS feed which is causing the problem
    * a way to contact you.