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Digitor 2.0 released

Today, two years after the release of Digitor 1.0, Digitor 2.0 has been released. This version is completely rebuilt, with a more object-oriented approach, thus adding performance and usability.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2005-12-24

Announcing Agenda 2005

ARPIX' today announced that the next version of Agenda, 2005, is under development, and has been, for about two weeks. There is no release date yet, as to before, the product will release when it is finished.

That said, it is ARPIX' thought to distribute it before or around christmas this year. Of new features, we can mention support for many new languages, a new interface and many new features that are under constant planning.... read more

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-09-24

Agenda 2004 (1.6.1) released!

A bug fix release of Agenda 2004 was released today.

This will be the last Agenda version for a long time - perhaps not before October.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-05-31

Agenda 2004 (1.6.0) released!

Agenda 2004 (1.6.0) was released today. Please take some time to check it out. For now, have a good summer.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-05-18

Agenda 2004, version 1.6.0, to be released on 20th of May.

Changelog from Agenda 2004 1.5 to 1.6:

New features:
- A new Scheduler // FINISHED
- Multimedia Reminders
- Appointment Preview
- A new design
- The SWITCH mechanism (sorts the appointments properly)
- The KILL mechanism (deletes the appointments correctly)
- Improvements
- Voice selector // FINISHED
- Applies installed voices
- Makes you able to choose the voice
- Feature that saves your settings // FIXED
- Saves your settings to the registry
- Applies the settings, from the registry, at application startup
- Minimalistic Agenda
- Enables a topmost minimalist window
- Extended "Whitepaper" // NOT STARTED
- A more in-depth "Whitepaper"
- Complete Language cleanup
- Changed vocabulary
- Grammar checks
- Complete re-write
- The new Web site
- News
- Features
- Download Agenda 2004... read more

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-05-17

Agenda 2004 SP-1 coming up

A re-release of Agenda 2004, called the "Service Pack 1" will be launched by the end of April, containg fixes to the current version of the program. A few features are also added.

The most important update, is the immediate ability to save your configuration to the registry. A lot of important fixes is also included, making the program more secure and stable.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-04-05

Agenda 2004 "Reloaded" Edition to be launched next week

A new version, introducing features for the upcoming version Agenda 2005 is to be launched next week in the technical preview of Agenda 2004 "Reloaded" Edition.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-04-01

Agenda 2004 released!

Today, Agenda 2004 was released! Please pickup a file from one of our mirrors and enjoy the program.

A Whitepaper for the program is equipped with the package. For more information, please head over to

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-03-11

Agenda 2004 Beta Program opened

Today, on 26th of February, ARPIX opened its Agenda 2004 Beta Program here at

The program will last as long as it takes, but not more than two weeks as a maximum. We still expect to release on 12th of March, but not before that - and it is also possible for a later release.

Submit bug reports, post in the forums, and help ARPIX in shaping Agenda 2004!

ARPIX Developer Associates
Magnus Breder Birkenes

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-02-26

Agenda 2004 Beta Period - and release

In the past months, ARPIX, has mainly been developing Agenda 2004 - our biggest program ever. A time management suite, with lots of useful functions right at your desktop.

Since the announce on the 30th of January, the program has gone through eight stages of development (called milestones). Once the two remaining stages are completed, the beta period will open here at

February 26th is the planned date for a public preview of Agenda 2004. The beta period will last as long as it takes, but not more than two weeks.... read more

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-02-21

Announcing Agenda 2004

Based upon Digitor 1.1, the follow-up edition will be renamed to Agenda 2004 - an enchanced version with the following features:

- A complete time management program
- English as main language, with Norwegian option
- A World Clock
- Simplified, in fact very user-friendly
- New sound features
- Lots of bug fixes

The project has no release date. It will release when it's ready. In the meantime, we will keep you updated.... read more

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-01-30

MagnuMark 4.5 will launch a new MDI

The MagnuMark 4.5 package, currently under develop process, will introduce a new interface, with multiple windows as its base (MDI).

The package should be available by easter this year.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-01-14

Digitor 1.1 released

Digitor 1.1 is released. The new version is offering new functionality and several bug fixes. A new TTS engine, a control panel, three clock types and a NTP Client to synchronize system time - is all new functionality.

Several issues on the timer are corrected, and a new exception handler is made as a stability fix.

Enjoy the program!
ARPIX Developer Associates

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-01-13

Digitor 1.1 coming up (end of January)

I have decided to do a little rewrite of the application. Some new features are also added, such as a NTP-client (Network Time Protocol) to synchronize your system time, to an exact position.

I am also correcting issues with the timer, and general improvements are expected in the next version.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2004-01-09

MagnuMark 4.2 plans

MagnuMark 4.2 is not scheduled yet, but will certainly include the OpenGL-engine as a simple graphics benchmark. ARPIX hopes to get 4.2 as a major upgrade to the existing 4.1-package - a new structure, faster and with new features, up within next summer.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2003-12-25

Digitor 1.0 Released

As scheduled, Digitor 1.0 released today.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, everyone!

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2003-12-23

Digitor 1.0.0 STABLE coming up 24th of December

The first version of Digitor is scheduled and will be released on 24th of December.

Stay tuned.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2003-12-22

Digitor 0.98 Released

Digitor 0.98 Codename "Christmas" is now released. The 1.00 STABLE released is scheduled for 24th this month.

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2003-12-21

Welcome to the MagnuMark OpenSoruce Project!

MagnuMark is now an Open Soruce project released under the BSD liscense.

Welcome to the community!

Posted by Magnus Breder Birkenes 2003-11-11