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0.7.18beta3 , bugfixes to come, already available in svn !!!!

0.7.18 beta3 will soon be released, but the current svn is already including the following.

- csv remote download now renames files to csv if not csv or txt (or even no extension due to applicative url)
- csv remote download now supports http cookies in download request
- csv datasource now detects and handles UTF8 with BOM !!!

- indexer not working (due to lack of chdir)
- fixed plugin parameter override in cli
- fixed custom sql utility to be more easily callable with cli & parameter override
- category importer not assigning to roots when using option "all categories in tree"
- category importer creating empty named category
- category product position could not be updated if product already in category
- remote agent extra plugin was not compatible with php 5.2

checkout & try it , i need reports.

Posted by Sebastien Bracquemont 2012-12-05