Update configurable products from csv file with only simple products

  • Cris_T

    Hello, I have a csv file with this structure:

    I use this csv for the stock update.
    These skus are from a configurable product with sku 1049.
    In update mode this csv will update attributes "qty" and "state" in the simple products specified in the column "sku".

    I need to update the attribute "state" also in the relative configurable
    product that is not present in this csv. How can I do it with Magmi?

    There is some option that adds rows of configurable products?

    Thank you for your time

  • just add a line like this :

    "1049","1049",,"promo" .

    Since "main_sku" has no meaning for magmi , this would set the "state" attribute for sku 1049 as it does for the sub items. since qty has no meaning for configurables, you can let it blank.