#36 Ghost promotion prices

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Ghost promotion prices are shown after change of regular price for a store in a multi store environment.

After a magmi import the following happens for a product with a changed price:
- When looking in the admin part the price of the product in global scope is the price of the initial import when the product has been created, the product price for the specific store has been changed to the new price. (This is as expected)
- On the website the the product price in the catalog will be shown as in the attached image the old price is being shown as a special price (no special price is configured in the back-end) and the new price is being shown as the regular price.
- On all order screens like the shopping cart and product page the correct new price for this store is being shown.

Example of CSV:
nl0900,Default,simple,LX.V5D02.011,25,418.11,1,1,21,"Acer TravelMate 7750Z-B964G50MTSS",Acer,"Intel Pentium B960 2.2GHz, 17.3"" TFT WXGA++ HD (1600x900) LED, 4096MB DDR3 (2x 2GB), 500GB 5400rpm, DVD+/-RW DL, Intel HD 3000, WLAN, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit NL/UK, 1 jr garantie",,2,1,nl0900,http://0900-laptops.nl/pim/updater/media/1587.jpg,http://0900-laptops.nl/pim/updater/media/1587.jpg,http://0900-laptops.nl/pim/updater/media/1587.jpg,http://0900-laptops.nl/pim/updater/media/1587.jpg,Acer+TravelMate+7750Z-B964G50MTSS_LX.V5D02.011,0.00,"1970-01-01 01:00:00","1970-01-01 01:00:00"

Problems is definitely not related to indexing (tried to reindex a couple of time).
Currently a workaround is to do a import again in Magento in the import/export screen or press the save button for all broken products, but this won't be an option anymore when we start to add a lot of products.


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  • same issue here. are there any plans on fixing this anytime soon?