TML 0.3-pre2

  • Nicholas Hardy
    Nicholas Hardy

    I've made some more progress on 0.3, but I want it to get a bit better before making a full 0.3 release.

    Here's a current progress snapshot:

    * Opens testmovie.avi in the root of the first card (not filestream any more, GUI not included yet)
    * Supports XviD or uncompressed video
    * Supports uncompressed audio only
    * Currently only recognises xvid/mpeg4 with a FourCC of 'XVID'
    * A/V sync is only reliable with a framerate that evenly divides 100 (4, 5, 10, 20, 25, ...)
    * May not correctly decode all avi files, the code isn't completly generic, and I've only tested files created with mencoder and VirtualDub
    * Memory usage not optimised

    Likely error codes:
    3: out of memory
    4: currently unsupported avi file

    Known bugs:
    * Corrupt display on T3 with rotated screen
    * A/V sync is bad unless you obey above rule