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#13 Audio problems


0.3 pre 5

well, after Nicholas told me to try w/o b-frames -
things are much better now, but I still have problems
with audio.
I was encoding many many files trying to understand the
pattern when it works, when it doesn't, not sure if i
gt it right.
Anyway, here's settings i tried:

* Resolutions: 320x144 and 160x80
* video datarate: 300kbit/s and 100kbit/s
* codec: Xvid 1.1, b-frames - disabled, other adv.
feat. - disabled
* Audio: uncompressed 11khz, 22kmz
* Framerate: 24, 12 (/2) 8 (/3) fps
* Audio Mp3: [bitrate:frequency:mono/stereo]

I tested it on my T3, and on friend's TE. On TE picture
is about the same, only everything is much slower.

These are the problems that i had:

1) in about 1/2 of all clips i had visible video
artifacts (mostly garbage and huge artifacts). While on
the same clips w/o audio - no garbage.

2) In almost all cases clip (30-40 sec long) didn't
finish playing.
a) clip just hangs and resets itself somewhere in
the middle
b) Sometimes i get error (4)
c) clip DOES finish playing till very end, but then
player stuck, not responding to anything, and
requires reset

However in almost all cases, while it still plays -
audio is in sync with video.
I also noticed that with reduced frame rate (12 or 8
instead of 24) there are fewer visual artifacts (almost
none) but player still hangs up after finished playing.

IMO this is NOT because of the lack of cpu power. Even
if i overclock to 533mhz - result is the same . Most
clips show possible 50(or 100) fps when playing.

Testing more trying to find out specific criteries.
If you have any suggestions what to test - go ahead and
tell me.