new hal

From CVS:

o update copyright notices
o add 3com pci vendor id's
o lock operating mode at reset time; remove operating mode parameter
from ah_setPCUConfig and ah_beaconInit
o expose GPIO support for forthcoming IBM laptops support in the driver
o remove unused short preamble parameter from ah_setupXTxDesc
o overhaul regulatory domain support including:
- expose extended channel mode
- bug fix for world-wide roaming SKU's that limited channel usage
o change ah_setupXTxDesc methods for 5210 and 5211 to return AH_FALSE
so drivers can use it to deduce whether or not multi-rate retry
support is available
o 5212: up max retry limits from 4 to 10
o 5212: fix retry count calculation when using multi-rate retry
o 5212: mark final rate in xmit status as HAL_TXSTAT_ALTRATE when a
rate other than series 0 is used
o hookup Linux sysctl to hal parameters
o new MIPS-3 builds
o new XScale build

Posted by Sam Leffler 2004-01-12