I'll get right to the point.

My goal is to be able to measure channel noise at will across a range of wifi channels. I am using the madwifi 0.9.3 driver. In the source tree, there is a file called 'if_athvar.h' which defines two functions ath_hal_setchannel(_ah, _chan) and ath_hal_get_channel_noise(_ah, _chan) which look useful.

The ultimate goal is to be able for a node to periodically construct a table of channel noise values, and share it with its peers. For testing purposes, it would be nice just to create the table and print it:

#showChannelNoise ath0
   1           2            3         ...
-96 dBm -94 dBm -80 dBm  ...

It seems possible. I'm not a computer science guy, and have made no progress so far in setting up this little demo.

The challenge seems to be that I've found no examples on how to construct the 'ath_hal *' structure both functions use. I know the name of the interface 'ath0' or 'ath1' in my case, but have found no code which shows the transformation. This could very well be trivial, but I have not made any progress browsing the source.


Justin Hadella