I had the same results. Two streams send by an AP using different ACs get the same
throughput. This is with a radio with an AR5212 MAC/BB processor (Linksys WPC55AG).

The throughput when both streams are run individually are different - as expected.

Anybody have any clues?


amine Hedda

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2005-07-13 10:45 AM

[Madwifi-devel] WME does not work??

Hi all

I do some tests: i started by changing EDCA parameters in the AP, and the client flows, that's well, after i tried iperf from the client to the AP for a a single flow, and it works very well, the throwput changes depending on the AC, when i put 2 flows from the same AC no probleme, but once they are from differente AC nothing works!! they both have the same throwput and no notion of AC even if they're well marked, i tried also 2 clients using differente AC and it works, the throwput is not the same !!!!!

can you help me, i don't understund why the wmm does not work when i use multiflow???? is it the backoff ???  



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