Hi, Everyone,
Does anyone meet same scene as me?
I download http://snapshots.madwifi.org/madwifi-trunk-current.tar.gz Version July-28,2007. Build it firstly, of course.
1, create ath0 on dev wifi0
2, set ath0 auth-mode=open and alg=wep
3, set ath0 key[1]:0000000000 and set ath0 key[1] on
4, ifconfig ath0 up.
And Kernel panic after 2-3 seconds. Display"..0x..Kernel panic....Alee....". I think you can get that on your screen if do so.
If I only create one open auth-mode wep can cause panic always.
When I create some shared-key auth-mode wep vaps, then create one open auth-mode wep vap, kernel is OK, NO panic. So it happens only as one open-wep.
If not so, please also let me know.  I also hope I was wrong and did something mistaken.
I used 0.9.0 to before and they are all OK.
Thank you.

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