I am trying to use a Gigabyte PCIE card with madwifi 0.9.4 and a kernel on a powerpc.  I loaded and build the madwifi driver and utils just fine.


I can use iwconfig to configure the AP to be ‘G’ (channel 1-11) and it works just fine.  I can see the madwifi AP from my PC and connect to it.


When I configure the AP to use an 802.11a frequency I can no longer see the AP, even after several minutes.

-ifconfig ath0 down

-iwconfig ath0 essid local channel 40 rate auto txpower auto

-ifconfig ath0 up


I get no errors, but the AP is simply not visible.  Has anyone been using 802.11a with the madwifi drivers and any of the newer chipsets?


P.S.  I also downloaded the svn source rev 3869 for madwifi, and it made no difference to the 802.11a mode.