He says it will help him fit more stuff into the backpack he's apparently living from. "I told him it was worth a shot," Sonnenshein says. Thanks to Steve Jobs, we wouldn't miss a single cylon being fragged.
They're visiting from a Washington, D. Anyway, we admire Zelnick's laziness, so this is our official favorite. The memo from Hachette head Jack Kliger: It is difficult to make a decision to close a title, but I am announcing today that we will no longer publish Shock magazine. The complete refinement of the local structure is possible by studying the multiple-scattering signal. You don't have to worry about sterilizing the sleeve for next time, and you don't share the toy or the bodily fluids, but you can share the sexual experience.
"To the sensitive, it's like being shouted at all the time. "There's just something to be said for originality," he says.
"A professor called it Compulsive Risk Assessment Psychosis, otherwise known as CRAP,'" said Rod Read of ElectroSensitivity-UK, a registered charity in Britain.