future of MadEdit

  • Already now the editor is nearly prefect. If all the rest features (see "the future of MadEdit" by the author of this editor) will be implemented, MadEdit will be (more than) perfect;)
    But I'm afraid this will take a long to implement all of those features. Maybe the author will start with 2 main features (at my opinion):
    - encodings,
    - large file support.

    It's sad to see that Cyrillic DOS/OEM CP866 is not supported... KOI8-R support will be welcome, too. As the best variant, if will be really fine is MadEdit will support all the codepages installed in the system (Windows), or give the ability to supply user-needed encodings (by external files with a cirtain format).

    And large file support is a feature that all free editors lacks (except *vi*, Unix ports of Vi... too uncommon for native Windows users). So if this feature will be implemented, MadEdit will be THE ONLY freeware editor with large file handling - nice thing!

    Hm... what does the Author think about it? ;)