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Bookmark support

  • Hi,

    Would you like to support "Bookmark" feature?
    Just like Visual Studio.Net or Notepad++
    I think it is useful.

    The behaviour in Notepad++:
    Press Ctrl+F2 to add/remove bookmark and press F2 to visit every bookmarked position.


    • We would like to have a "compare files" with MadEdit first,in your Next release :)

      How about "Register to Text Files" then open them ?

      I do this manually , but there's a bug with :

      "Directory name have space character" , so MadEdit could not find a file.


      C:\Documents and Settings\someone\Application Data\log.txt ← bug appears.

      We would love to check & edit "ini,inf,txt..." files in MadEdit.

      Now we are using MadEdit to Fix words in LibChewing-Tsi.src file.

      It's very Useful for Unicode Text work , and hope it'll be powerful !!

  • Gospodin Gurov
    Gospodin Gurov

    I made bookmarks and some other improvements for MadEdit. And because the author doesn't answer, take them from the next link.

    Here is a MS Windows exe file and all changed source files, plus Readme.txt from me, where all changes are described: