#17 24bit crashes with LAME ACM installed

erroneous behavior
Rob Leslie


this is on windows xp, winamp versions 2.81 and 2.91.

i did not have the LAME .acm file installed, and MAD was
able to input perfectly well at 24bit [i have an SB
audigy]. after i installed it [and the current LAME, the
version of which i cant remember. its x.39.1 if im not
mistaken] and tried to play an mp3, winamp paused for a
moment, and then crashed. it does this any time i use
24bit now, but 16bit works fine.

if youre wondering what official version of the acm it is, i
dont know - it was packaged with the encoder. the
internal version, im assuming, is listed below. however, i
see no reason mad should freak since the acm wasnt
even installed before.

other info:

AppName: winamp.exe AppVer: ModName:

ModVer: Offset: 00004dd7


  • Nazo

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    This is curious. I have Windows XP, Winamp 5.1, and
    the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz. The Lame ACM is installed
    on here and so far no troubles with 24-bit output
    enabled in IN_MAD. I guess my version of the ACM is 0.
    30 if what I read in GSpot is at all accurate. Anyway, I
    guess it has something to do with it deciding to use that
    ACM even in Winamp, and I doubt Lame was designed to
    handle 24-bit audio. For that matter, if the Audigy can
    do it, try the 32-bit though I suspect you will run into the
    same problem.