On 28/05/07, mike dentifrice <fluor@poivron.org> wrote:
Hi there,

Is it possible to get a higher screen resolution in console with the
Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express that's in MacBooks?

Though I quickly escape the ugly boot display by jumping into X, I'd
love to be able to work in console on some occasions.

In short, has anyone managed to boot a colored pinguin in the top-left
of the screen on those machines? :)

Thanks in advance,

mike dentifrice < fluor@poivron.org>

hi Mike. i have a MacBook Pro Core2Duo and LILO. when i boot, i have 2 coloured Tuxs in the upper-left corner, however, the colours are all messed up.

in /etc/lilo.conf , i have "vga=771". this gives me 800x600 in my TTYs. i'm not sure if the location of that line matters, but if it does, i have it just before the first "image=" line. if you use GRUB rather than LILO, open up /boot/grub/menu.lst and append "vga=0xABC" to the end of your "kernel" lines (replace "ABC" with an appropriate hex number). Eg:
    kernel        /vmlink-2.6.15-1-686-smp root=/dev/sda5 ro vga=0x307
google around to find valid values for "vga=". i don't know if values are interchangeable between GRUB and LILO.