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MAF / News: Recent posts

Re-write for Leopard has begun

The technology used in MAF (Java-Cocoa) has been deprecated in Leopard (10.5) and is not planned to be included in Snow Leopard (10.6). Because of this, significant portions of the program need to be rewritten for Snow Leopard compatibility.
It is my intention to start a re-write of the existing application, and to make it require Leopard as the minimum version. If you feel strongly that Tiger (10.4.11) should be supported, please comment in the Forums.
Due to my unpredictable schedule, I do not have an ETA on when I expect the new Leopard-only version to be available. The entire back end will be rewritten, but the UI will remain somewhat similar, with a few tweaks to fit in the modern OS X Leopard system.

Posted by Logan Allred 2009-01-19

Switch to Subversion

I have switched the source code repository from CVS to Subversion. The old CVS repository hosted here at SourceForge will remain for a while, but will not be updated, and is for historical purposes only.

If you would like to get the source code for MacPAF, please use the Subversion repository instead, which can be accessed here on SourceForge (

Posted by Logan Allred 2006-04-03