Proper way to make images from install CDs?

  • MiLToS_666


    I have run into trouble making MOM boot from my original installation CD images of the following OSes:

    Mac OS 9.0
    Mac OS 9.1
    Mac OS 9.2
    Mac OS X Public Beta
    Mac OS X 10.0
    Mac OS X 10.1
    Mac OS X 10.2

    All the images were made using Disk Utility from original media... I get the following errors:
    For OS 9.x it starts booting but stops immediately telling me that the system folder files can only be used to boot from the original media and not if copied to a disk or sth like that...???
    For OS X's it just stops booting and looking at the log makes me think that the images I make are not indeed bootable cause it says sth about missing files...
    I have managed to install Mac OS X 10.2 though after making the image with Toast and renaming it to .iso.
    It runs very well and it's very smooth! I am amazed!
    Another thing I noticed is that, after the installation of Mac OS X 10.2, I mounted the image Disk Utility made and it showed up as a hard disk icon and not a CD icon which makes me wonder if this is correct or not and if this causes the above problems with booting...
    What I would like to know is a way to make proper CD images from original CDs! Is Disk Utility the only way to do it? A step-by-step guide would be very usefull!
    Hmmm... another thing... I can't use my CD-ROM drive! MOM only shows "disk1s1" in the list but this is actually my external firewire disk that I have installed Mac OS X 10.3.9 to test out MOM... My CD-ROM drive is disk2 but I can't select it...

    Sorry for the myriads of questions but MOM has made me very happy! I always wanted a project like this to happen!
    I also apologize for my English! I am from Greece and I haven't practiced it for a long time...

    Take care,


    • Derek37512

      Try making it a dvd/cd master disc image in Disk utility.

    • MiLToS_666

      That's how I do it in the first place! DVD/CD Master!

    • MiLToS_666

      Hello again, any comments please?
      I suppose all the trouble will be over if I manage to use my real CD-ROM drive to boot off the CDs... But I can't select it...
      Is there a manual way to do it?

    • joop


      You don't have to select anything.
      Only check "Mount" and "Boot." (booting DVD's won't probatly work.

    • MiLToS_666

      Yes I can understand that but as I said in my first post...
      My CD-ROM drive is /dev/disk2s1 and not disk1s1 (which is my firewire disk with Mac OS 10.3.9 on it)...
      Is there a way to change this?

      Thanks for the replies!