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MACL - My Access Control List (for PHP) / News: Recent posts

Orbit42-User Class - prelude to a full user managment system

Built on the Orbit42-Base class I have been hard at work creating a user class. This class creates a user as a code object that will be managed by a user managment class.

These two classes will handle users basic stuff like username and password while the MACL will handle the access.

While the user and user managment clases will be provided by this project the MACL will be indipentant of them and able to be used where-ever a user id system exists. ... read more

Posted by Matt B 2006-11-27

MACL to use Orbit42 Base

MACL will be using the Sourceforge project ORBIT42 BASE which is a base class for building php classes on.

MACL - MySQL Access Control List for PHP is a single class for easy creation of loosely coupled systems.

It had been intended to make a MySQL "lite" version of TACKLE however as I have investigated TACKLE I have found it to be too flawed to easily convert holding as it does significant use of design anti-patterns.... read more

Posted by Matt B 2006-10-31