Macker 0.4 released

Macker is a pattern-based structural rule checker for Java software. Version 0.4 adds filters, severities, and XML reporting.

Macker is an architectural rule checking utility for Java. It's meant to model the architectural ideals programmers always dream up for their projects, and then break -- it helps keep code clean and consistent. You can tailor a rules file to suit a specific project's structure, or write some general "good practice" rules for your code. Macker doesn't try to shove anybody else's rules down your throat; it's flexible, and writing a rules file is part of the development process for each unique project. Macker typically runs as an Ant task, but can also be invoked with a shell script.

Version 0.4 adds many new features -- most notably filter-based patterns, rule severity levels, a new XML reporting feature -- and several important bug fixes.

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Posted by Paul Cantrell 2003-08-25