Future updates? PSU Fan, namely.


  • Anonymous

    Hi there.

    MacFan works very well here. Mac Pro 2008-ish, the first quad-core (2x2cores) generation. As per the readme file, the PSU doesn't work.

    I noticed this bug:
    Once set to a certain speed by MacFan, reverting the speed to something lower didn't work. The program displayed the positive message:
    Setting Fan RPM to 500 OK!

    however running the program with no options displayed current fan still at 2700(ish, max speed). This applies for all fan, except PSU, I didn't mess with PSU. As of writing, fans are still going fast, current speeds are
    2257 2758 1983 597
    Also noticed how fan 3 was set (like 1 and 2) at 500 yet is at 2000?
    Waiting longer didn't change anything.
    Of course rebooting would fix it, except I'm looking for an on-line solution. I don't particularily enjoy rebooting to fix simple things =/.

    Speaking of PSU fan earlier…
    Is the fix ready yet? :O

    Quad-core Mac pro, 2008? 1st gen.
    Using MacFan version .05 build 11.3.2009.4

    By the way I'm impressed on how this program is simple and just works. I only need to fire a cmd line and change the settings I want and BOOM done! No slow GUI, no fetching far, just type in a few magic words and BOOM. Syntax is simple, good job.


  • Anonymous

    Oh, yeah. Forgot. If you ever have the time and need some suggestions for future updates, here goes.

    Display temperature as a 2 columns list instead of 1. The cmd line and my displays don't display well all the temps, but there's enough space for a 2 columns for sure.

    Refreshing temps values a lil faster could be nice. 10 is a lil long. 3 or 5 seconds would be perfect.

    I know you could get sued for it, but having the option to absolutely control the fans would be way awesome. Include a gigantic disclaimer and the need to manually enable this option and you should be fine. Remember those are suggestions only.

    Possible minimalist GUI? As a stand-alone program (w/ exception of settings in a registry file).

    That's it for now. Suggestions.