Is MacFan not working?

  • Robert Gilliam
    Robert Gilliam


    I'm sorry that MacFan is not working for you. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity to test MacFan myself on a first-generation MacPro and a new unibody MacBook Pro. If you have some other machine, there might be a small, easily fixable bug preventing it from working properly. If there is, let me know what is happening and I will fix it ASAP!

    Thanks for your interest in MacFan.

  • MacFuck

    Doesn't work with MacBook 07early (Intel C2D2GHz) The Programm could read the temperature and set e.g. 6000U/min correct, but with no effect. The fan will work about 4200 U/min in Idle and the MacBook get's hot and hotter.

  • Robert Gilliam
    Robert Gilliam


    I'm not sure I'm understanding your program. By set 6000U/min do you mean that the program tells you it sets the fans to 6000 rpm but you have somehow verified that it is not actually setting the fan speeds? If you can copy and paste the output from the program here, I could be of more help.

  • Robert Gilliam
    Robert Gilliam

    I'm not sure I'm understanding your *problem*.*

    Sorry about that.

  • JimO

    race2:  I tried MacFan on my 2007 Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro (Macbook Pro 3,1), but without success.  Running Win 7 32-bit on Bootcamp 3.1.  MacFan reports the following:

    Problem loading IO drivers
    Number of fans in the system: -1
    Machine not found in database

    Appreciate any help you can provide.  BTW, are there registry keys I can set myself, in case you don't have time at this point to update MacFan?