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Full Screen by F11 in Firefox

  • I am not sure the problem is in MacBuntu or in Firefox, because it does not appear in OpenOffice.Org Writer, that supports F11/Full Screen mode.

    When I do F11, or go to full screen mode in Firefox with MacBuntu, the MacBuntu menu bar stays there, blank so it is a not-so-full screen…

    Is there a message that is not caught by the menu bar? I cannot tell…

    Anyway thanks for a big job, Mac without the handcuffs!

  • Jan Komadowski
    Jan Komadowski

    Looks like this is a problem with the theme being used. Default Tango theme is correct.
    I have testes few themes like Vfox3_Basic and MacOSX Theme. Both of them have the same problem.

    ACE Foxdie combo, looks great and fullscreen works properly, but there is something wrong with the plugin. Input fields do not behave normally. I am not saying that it contains a keylogger or something, but I also do not exclude that.