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Problem installing in Gutsy

  • Andre Tessier
    Andre Tessier


    First, great work, it looks fantastic.

    I use Gutsy ubuntu 7.10.

    I followed your instruction to the letter (I think), when I try to install affinity "sudo apt-get install affinity".
    I receive error message : "Couldn't find package affinity"

    When I try to run Applications-Accessories-Avant Window Manager, I see an empty gray window then it closes and nothing seems to happen. I was able to go into System-Preferences-AWN Manager and set my preferences. But I see no dock and still have the plain ubuntu menu.

    Can someone help me to figure out what I do wrong ?

    Thank You

    André Tessier

    • That was the error I was getting when I installed AWN on Feisty, because Compiz was not installed.

    • mal1024

      Do you have Compiz/fusion or beryl installed?

    • I think your problem is now solve, rite? :)