dont have girder above programs

  • Daniel Haitink
    Daniel Haitink

    hey after the installation of mac4lin (witch did not really work beacause the
    intakkations were for the old ubuintu and the old mac4lin) the girder above my
    programs didnt show up. so i cant close and move programs, what do i have to

  • Peng Hardin
    Peng Hardin

    I believe you're referring to the window decorations (titlebar with the window
    control buttons). Which version of which operating system are you using? It
    sounds like you may also be having a problem with Compiz not running properly.
    What kind of graphics card are you running? There are a number of possible
    solutions we can offer but we'll need to know what your system is running so
    we don't give you the wrong instructions.