64-bit compatible?

  • Tony Stevens
    Tony Stevens

    Does the 1.0RC work on a x64 Ubuntu Hardy(or any other 64-bit distro)?

    I previously tried 0.4, and couldn't get the Dock or the Global Menu to work. Do these issues still occur in 1.0, or do I have to downgrade to 32 bit to enjoy the full fruit of Mac4Lin?

    • Yes all components bundled with the Mac4Lin package work on any system as long as the gtk-pixbuf engine is installed. As for the dock and global menu, I guess you need to check their respective websites for compatibility.

    • sos

      The pack works and installs fine on my Hardy 64-bit (as well as Arch 32-bit).

      Sorry though, I can't answer about the Dock or Global menu, since I use cairo-dock (self-installed) and don't use Global menu.

      My point is, everything else should work well on your Hardy install :)