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Fail on Ubuntu 7.10

Jerry Wu
  • Jerry Wu
    Jerry Wu

    Thanks for your good jobs. I meet a problem when I install this theme on my Ubuntu 7.10, I download latest mac4lin 0.3 and try to install it but I got a error message "The file format is invalid" can somebody give me a suggestion.

    • Xtof

      same for me, Ubuntu 7.10 on Dell Laptop. I'm using Unbuntu in french, so the message is in fr !

    • Folks, can you PLEASE give the name of the file you are trying to install? Coz the one you download from the download page needs to be extracted first. That is NOT the file to be installed from Appearances!

      • Xtof

        Yes !!! You're right, I made a mistake the first time, the file to use is in the sub folder 'GTK Metacity Theme', thanks for your reply

    • The first question is, which file are you trying to install and thru what menu? If you can give more details, I maybe able to find the cause of the problem and help you out.

      Sorry for the late reply. Am a bit busy these dayz.

    • rainboiboi

      i got the same error message too...

      I was trying to install the .tar.gz via system->appearance...
      I found my .tar.gz and clicked it, it extracts out but got an erro message "The file format is invalid"

      Im using ubuntu 7.10 ...