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Awesome Job!

  • mackfreak

    Really nice work, I can't wait for the version for gnome 2.20 - you're da-man!!

    • I am using this theme on gnome 2.20.1 , and it's flawless. I simply had to modify a few names for the icons, and I also made the checkboxes and radio buttons operate in the proper "mac" fashion.

      If you are noticing that checkboxes and radio buttons seem to reverse when you put your mouse over them, paste the following lines into a terminal window:

      cd ~/.themes/Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4/gtk-2.0/Check-Radio
      mv check2.png check3_.png
      mv check3.png check2.png
      mv check3_.png check3.png

      mv option2.png option3_.png
      mv option3.png option2.png
      mv option3_.png option3.png

      This will invert the hover images, so they respond correctly.

    • Sorry, I was a little excited yesterday.
      Regardless - this project is awesome.

    • Thanks pal. Been a bit busy hence the delay in releasing GNOME 2.20 Icon theme and Guide.

    • Howie

      I Totaly agree this is a great Project. I'm new to linux as well and thought I'd just have a play with this but its splendid - I'm using it on a Duel Booting XP & Gutsy Laptop so missed the GRUB Tweaks out "just in case" and as you say there are some issues with Gutsy which I eagerly look forward to sorting.

      Thanks very much for your hard work.

    • surf121

      This is really awesome!
      I've been coming back on a daily basis waiting for the gnome 2.20 version.
      Looks sick! Can't wait...
      Thanks for the hard work and effort! Really Impressive.

    • ^^^ Yes, this bug has been fixed and ver.0.5 will not haf this problem :)