Problems with Intrepid and GTK

  • Luca  Farinelli
    Luca Farinelli

    after the installation of the theme, i have this problem:

    "This theme will not look as intended because the required GTK+ theme engine" is not installed"

    How can i solve this problem?
    I used Intrepid Ibex.


    • Tito López
      Tito López

      The problem is that there is a line in gtkrc with an empty engine.
      Replace the empty string by pixmap and you will see no more warnings.

      • Peng Hardin
        Peng Hardin

        Thanks for posting this, titlopez. I made the change, verified that it worked, and sent the updated files to infra.

    • Thats great! Thanks guys. Your contribution is much appreciated! :)

    • You need to install the gtk2-pixbuf engine. Search in synaptic/apt for the package and install it.

    • Martin Fisher
      Martin Fisher

      I have the same problem but gtk2-engines-pixbuf is already installed. I reinstalled and reinstalled mac4lin but no joy. Any other ideas?
      With thanks.

      • jon rasius
        jon rasius

        Same problem. Package gtk2-pixbuf-engines was installed by Intrepid distro before I installed Mac4Lin rc1.

        • OK, this is confirmed. Looks like the GTK2 Pixmap engine is messed up in Intrepid. We'll look into this.

    • mafia spidey
      mafia spidey

      so then,

      I won't upgrading to 8.10 until this fixed. I can't use any other themes than this.

      • jon rasius
        jon rasius

        It is not that bad that you should necessarily wait until it is fixed. Several minor glitches do not affect the overall functionality.

    • mafia spidey
      mafia spidey

      i agree.

      but, one reason I moved from windows so that I don't have to compromise. I will wait till I hear this theme is perfectly running in 8.10 or even better than 8.04 (lets hope)