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M5 v2.0 beta release available

We're happy to announce an official beta release of M5 2.0, including all the new features described at our ISCA 2006 tutorial:

- A new execute-in-execute detailed out-of-order CPU model
- A new memory system
- More extensive python integration
- Preliminary syscall emulation support for MIPS and SPARC

We are still working out a few kinks, particularly in the area of MP coherence support in the new memory system. We hope to have these issues resolved soon, and will put out an official 2.0 release when they are complete. In the meantime, we wanted to make the code base available for those that don't need MP support, or who otherwise would like a preview of the new 2.0 features.... read more

Posted by Steve Reinhardt 2006-08-18

Mailing lists migrated to

M5 is slowly moving away from SourceForge to our own server at

As one step in that transition, we are deprecating the SourceForge-hosted mailing lists in favor of two new mailing lists:

If you were previously subscribed to the SourceForge m5sim-users or m5sim-announce lists, you should have been automatically subscribed to the appropriate new list. ... read more

Posted by Steve Reinhardt 2006-08-18

M5 1.1 available

M5 release 1.1 is now available. This is an update release coinciding with the mini-tutorial being given at the IOSCA workshop (

New features include:
- Preliminary FreeBSD support
- Integration of regression tests into scons build framework
- Several bug fixes and better compatibility for Cygwin hosts
- Major cleanup of Alpha system code (console, PAL, etc.) to make it easier for others to build/modify
- Fixes to enable compilation under g++ 4.0
- Numerous minor bug fixes

Posted by Steve Reinhardt 2005-10-08

M5 1.0 available

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.0 of the M5 simulator system. This version, released last week at our ISCA-32 tutorial, has now been posted for general access.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, the new release includes everything you need to boot Linux (including kernel and disk images, available in the separate m5_system_1.0.tar.gz file). This release also includes an all-new Python-based script language for specifying configurations.

Posted by Steve Reinhardt 2005-06-13

M5 Simulator version m5_1.0_beta1 released

The first public beta release of the M5 simulator is now available for download.

Posted by Steve Reinhardt 2003-10-17