hi frank,

my email was blocked be sourceforge net bu i hope you can receive the the files that you requested.

using your files, i have these

 892.979057] Linux video capture interface: v2.00
[  906.726929] gspca: main v2.9.0 registered
[  938.057101] usb 1-4: firmware: requesting C10H0110.bin
[  939.157757] usbcore: registered new interface driver ALi m5603c
[  939.158526] m5603c: ALi m5603c bridge v1.0.2 registered
[  940.151286] usb 1-4: firmware: requesting S10H0110.csr
[  940.154380] m5603c: Section R_VGA, (size 931) found
[  940.154397] m5603c: Section SHARPNESS100, (size 13) found
[  940.154403] m5603c: Section VGA_FLICKER_50HZ_FS, (size 12) found
[  940.154431] m5603c: Section DSP_INIT, (size 8247) found
[  940.154460] m5603c: Section AP_ON, (size 655) found
[  940.154469] m5603c: Section AP_OFF, (size 573) found
[  940.381046] m5603c: Detected Sensor SENSOR_7648_POWDN_Q

running cheese and len is 4.
1610.195659] gspca: packet [31] o:89280 l:4

thank you.
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hi frank,

sorry but i was away from home for the last 2 days.

here are the files but i don't have any .csr file in the windows system.  i only have .inf file.

i will test as you suggesed tomrrow. it is now 12.41 am my time.

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Confirm the sensor you are using.
Just open your  .csr file and read it at beginning.

Double check  that it is really this one your windows driver is using!

>>can you please give me some suggestions or comments why i am receiving a
pattern (see .jpg) that keep on running but no picture on my webcam

There is really no way to use m5602 with m5603c chip. If you move something in
front of the cam, your picture must move in sync. If not the, the data is not
from then cam!

Then try with those ones from my cam.
-under windows
-under linux

Warning: the microcode is loaded one time until the cam is turned off.

Send me yours also.

Compile and use pixfmt_test.!!!

go in
and use 'make'.