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0402:5603 in medical cam

  • Kuzniar Pawel
    Kuzniar Pawel

    I was able to put for couple of minutes my hands on cheap USB medical cam for otoscopy. It distributed under OTO-1000 - UltraBioCam  name for circa 1000Euros. Surprisingly it reports  as 0402:5603. Unfortunately it was not working out of the box with 2.6.31  x86_64. Sadly I couldn't take it home for further inspection. Don't know if I ever be able to check it again.  I've just thought it could be interesting. As far as picture quality is concerned (under Win) it is totally crap.

    {OTO-1000 - UltraBioCam  }

  • Surprisingly it reports as 0402:5603.

    With lsusb???? Like this:

    ID 0402:5603 ALi Corp. USB 2.0 Q-tec Webcam 300

    1000€ is the price of my laptop 4 years ago, with the cam ;-)

    Want to try it under Linux?


  • Anonymous

    Would love to try it under Lnx, but don't have this cam anymore.