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M3UA v 3.0.6 Released

M3UA v 3.0.6 Released with a minor bug fix affecting SLS selection during processing of pending buffers.

Posted by M3UA Administrator 2010-09-25

M3UA v 3.0.4 released

M3UA v 3.0.4 has been released with a minor bug fix where Routing Context & Traffic Mode are now treated as optional parameters.

Posted by M3UA Administrator 2010-07-07

M3UA v 3.0.3 released

M3UA v 3.0.3 released with a major bug fix. Upto v3.0.2, network appearance was treated as mandatory parameter due to code bug. This has been fixed and now network appearance is optional parameter.

Posted by M3UA Administrator 2010-06-07

M3UA v 3.0.2 released with SCTP integrated

M3UA v 3.0.2 released with sample application integrated with SCTP. The SCTP used with M3UA sample application is LK-SCTP. Now M3UA sample application can be run over both UDP and SCTP.

Posted by M3UA Administrator 2010-03-19

M3UA v 3.0.1 released

M3UA v 3.0.1 has same functions as v 3.0.0 but it has some additional documents explaining installation and running sample application.

Posted by M3UA Administrator 2010-02-24