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Metamodel Engine / News: Recent posts

Metamodel Engine 2.2 Release

Metamodel Engine (ME) is the only flexible UML Model processing engine; it supports a lot of languages, and a lot of UML Tools. And more importantly it supports scripting and extensibility to support more languages, more inputs, more transformations.

Metamodel Engine 2.2 release is an improvement on stability, scripting, UI of the Editor, and debugging features. It features the complete support of a new model: the statechart. The test suite has been extended.

Posted by Laurent Mascherpa 2007-01-01

Metamodel Engine is ready to rock

Finally, ME 1.0 is out. Here is the feature list :
- XMI 1.0 parsing.
- Dynamic loading of card (Assembly.NET).
- WinForm graphic user interface.
- Console text user interface.
- Complete access to metamodel elements.
- C++ standard generation card.
- User documentation.
- A simple sample to test.

Posted by Laurent Mascherpa 2002-11-18