My lxrng repository is almost working...

  • John Groves
    John Groves

    I have spent a couple of weeks getting an LXR cross reference of the (OFED) Open Fabrics Alliance Infiniband code working - mostly.  My site is at  This is great software, but very hard to figure out how to configure from scratch...

    I'm using the lxrng code from the GIT tree.

    My site is partially working, but there are some problems and I'm hoping somebody could point me in the right direction.

    I don't know whether this is relevant, but I get a great many of this message when I generate the cross reference: "Use of uninitialized value in numeric gt (>) at ./lxr-genxref line 233."

    In some cases, when I click on a symbol to get a list of references, the line numbers for the references are bogus.  One line number that usually appears is 555567.  This seems to always happen on static symbols (only referenced in the current file), but not always with

    You can see this if you browse to a source file and click on a local symbol.  This file is as good a choice as any to see this:

    If I click on the "umaddebug" symbol and then click on "usage" to see the references, I get this:

    libibumad-1.2.3_20090314/src/umad.c, line 0
    libibumad-1.2.3_20090314/src/umad.c, line 555567
    libibumad-1.2.3_20090314/src/umad.c, line 01
    libibumad-1.2.3_20090314/src/umad.c, line 80

    All of these line numbers are bogus.  However, in some cases (with non-private symbols) the line numbers have been correct.

    I would be willing to provide access to my server if that would be helpful.  On a related note, if it would be possible for me to browse the config files and source trees of a working lxrng site, that might be a big help.

    Thanks for any guidance.
    John Groves
    System Fabric Works

    • Doug Goldstein
      Doug Goldstein

      I too am using the lxrng from git. The first issue you're having I fixed by putting a 'search_size_limit' => 0 in the lxrng.conf.

      The other issue I haven't solved. However, I just noticed that the last commit to the git version was in 2008 and the lxr-0.9.6 tarball on this site is dated in 2009. says now says the git version is out of date as well.

  • Andre-Littoz

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