#24 Java interfaces display as docs

Malcolm Box
Malcolm Box

When doing an ident search for a Java interface, it
will be listed in the output as a "documentation
entry". This is because the 'i' character is mapped to
"documentation entry" by Common.pm

The simple solution is to change this mapping, but the
problem goes deeper than that. The output of ctags is
not consistent across different languages. For
example, "m" can mean method, module, macros, class
member or mixins.

The solution will be to change the db structure to use
an int for the type, and provide ctags -> int mappings
for each language. There should be enough space in a 8
bit int for all different concepts across all languages.

Even better might be to give each language its own
translation strings, so that Java methods are displayed
as methods, not functions etc. However, currently
ident does not interface to Lang.pm, so the mapping
would have to be part of a global namespace.


  • Malcolm Box
    Malcolm Box

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  • Malcolm Box
    Malcolm Box

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