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Look Win XP Desktop: icewm+idesk+xfe / News: Recent posts

lxp-0.2 released, with new themes and applets

- lxp now has been ported to icewm 1.2.30
- Added mixer applet
- Added graphical and notifications support to apm applet
- Added LookXP-Human theme based in ubuntu

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2007-02-08

LXP theme vista released

New theme like vindow vista

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-12-23

lxp-01-16 released

icewm 1.2.20-6: fixes SIGHUP crash in icewmtray.
lxp 0.1-16: setup installs imlib1/2, fixes in restart script

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-12-14

lxp-setup for .deb distributtions

Now lxp-setup supports .deb distributions (ubuntu, xubuntu, debian)

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-12-12

Released lxp for .deb based systems

Tested in ubuntu, xubuntu and Debian.

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-11-29

Released lxp-switch-desktop

Utility to change the user desktop without exit from session. It allows to select idesk, xfdesktop, kdesktop, nautilus or none.

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-11-29

Released lxp-menu-generator

A menu generator for icewm better than icewm-menu-gnome2. It's written in perl and uses XML files in /etc/xdg/menus to create the menus for all applications installed in your HD

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-11-29

Released LXP setup utility

is an utility to install lxp easy and quick in your computer.
At the moment only works with fedora 3,4,5 and suse 10.1
Users in other systems must to install from sources.

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-08-04

Released LookXP v.0.1

LXP 0.1 is available from

If you have problems, please read installation instructions

Posted by Manuel Carrasco 2006-08-03