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problem with alsaconf

  • Hi...
    I get a problem with alsaconf.... If i type alsaconf on a virtual terminal, Look-XP restarts.
    This not happenon on icewm, only LookXP.

    • Aislan Diego
      Aislan Diego

      Hello Hulk.

      What's your Distro and Kernel Version?

      please, take a screenshot of the command you are typing.

      alsaconf belogs from which package? i never used it before...

      please let me know this, to start the troubleshooting from myself here!


      Aislan Diego

      • Hi

        i am using debian etch with default kernel (2.6.18)

        alsaconf is part of alsa (advanced linux sound architecture). This is the default sound package.

        The command is only "alsaconf"... This is a ncurses program to configure sound modules.

        Only type "alsaconf" in a xterm ( or other vty) to lxp restart and back to gdm.


        • Aislan Diego
          Aislan Diego

          Hello Hulk.

          Yes, i got some docs to read about the ALSA, i remember to use it when i was running RHEL on my servers,

          anyway... actually i'm using Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop on my personal computer, where i'm developing and improving the LXP modules, tips and tricks... here i don't have the "$ alsaconf" i've tried to install it to test, but without success. Would be a interesting point, to find another person where running a similar distro or same one, to check this out to us. So, trough those logs i could have some idea about Where the issues are.

          Please, gather all information you get in the screen, the ALSA version, and LXP version running...

          and attach this here to me please.

          Keep being a good part of this project, and be welcome anytime with ideas tips and tricks....

          See you

          Aislan Diego

    • Hi Aislan,

      I am currently using ubuntu 8.04 also... and it Really don't have alsaconf...

      Well... i will test lookxp in my new system...

      For now, let's forgive this error... when i get a new machine on next week I will retry reproduce the error.

      I have some sugestions, but for organization matter I will open a new post.

      Thanks (and sorry my worse english)