lxmed should be installed in /usr/bin

  • Nice application, but I have one complaint.  The 'install.sh' script installs the 'lxmed' script in /bin.  /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin are more appropriate places to put lxmed.  /bin should be reserved for essential commands.  LIkewise, the 'uninstall.sh' should be adjusted to remove lxmed from /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin.

  • Cakra Komci
    Cakra Komci

    Yes you are right. I have changed that. It will be in next release. Although, I left in uninstall.sh and install.sh 'rm -v /bin/lxmed' line, so that all users that already have lxmed installed, have lxmed file removed from their /bin folder.