Transifex, crowdin, launchpad, etc. Somehow solved such problem... There you don't need to submit same thing few times.

Andika Triwidada <> rašė:
On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Yaron Shahrabani <> wrote:
I didn't see any News regarding unstaged changes, do you mean that I need to
check the stream to see if I translated something and there's no committing
message afterwards?

Isn't there a single page that does all that for me? Why going through all
this trouble just to commit the changes?

I think this is one cons of online translation. If for every line translated
trigger autocommit, there will be too many translation commits.
If all commit responsibility only given to module owner, then it will add
burden to him/her.

Usually I will just try to do commit for every modules without having
to check if I already did it. If there is nothing new to commit, I
will only get a notification. No harm done.


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