Hi all,
         I'm Jithu, pursuing my undergraduate studies in India. I'm interested in participating in the GSoC 2010. The specific part I'm interested is the LXScreenshot. I can program comfortably in C, CPP. I've also learned basics of Qt. And after joining LXDE, I've started using Gtk+ also. I love Unix and shell scripting. I'm also OK with version control with git.
         I decided to start with LXDE, because I liked the simplicity and compactness I felt here. I think KISS(Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy itself is the motto of LXDE..:). I also had great experience in chatting with LXDE members, even though since a few weeks.
         I've familiarized myself with the code of Gpicview, and I have found a bug in it. I'm expecting to fix it within a couple of days.
         Although I find it very much OK to implement Lxscreenshot in Gpicview, won't it be more robust, if we implement it as a seperate module?
I have some questions:
1) Is it OK to apply for LXScreenshot only?
2) Is there a clear, standard format for the application I need to post at my blog.

Jithu Sunny