2013/11/13 Jerome Leclanche <adys.wh@gmail.com>
The LXDE bird is a swallow iirc. Or am I thinking of some Gentoo fork.
I agree on the "main color" argument but I'm not a fan of the blue & black.

Anyway, regardless of colors I like the bird itself. Since we don't
seem to have anyone else stepping up I suggest adopting little Helix
as our mascot and LXQt's logo ;)

Can you send me a few variations on color and shape (high res without
text)? I'll use one of them in future presentations.

Any particular idea I can try? Usually a logo, once it is in its definitive state, has a well defined color and shape, so I think it's better to reach the definitive state before to use it. It's a matter of identity and recognizability.
2013/11/13 Petr Vanek <petr@yarpen.cz>
yep, source version would be great (svg, whatever)

sure, it's made with Inkscape.

What is the best license for the project I can use to release the source (proper svg metadata)?
to adopt it for
Eg. green for suse etc.

Nice idea, an easy way distributions can use to customize the logo if they want.

2013/11/13 Alexis López Zubieta <azubieta@estudiantes.uci.cu>

Great work !!!

Best wishes