Using the daily lxqt+lightdm from a lubuntu install with

is there a recommended PPA to get SDDM.

On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 8:21 AM, Jerome Leclanche <> wrote:
Hi list

The SDDM team is proud to announce the 0.9.0 release of the Simple
Desktop Display Manager.
This release is possible thanks to the collaborative work of the Maui
Project, KDE and LXDE, as well as the help and contributions from
dozens of other developers.

SDDM is the recommended display manager for LXQt. It features full Qt
5 compatibility for use in the Qt5 version of LXQt.

Release highlights:
 * Several systemd, logind and journald improvements. Note that
systemd is not required to run SDDM.
 * The SDDM greeter now runs as its own user and group, instead of root.
 * Support for setting the keyboard layout from the greeter.
 * An "AutoUser" config key to configure automatic login.
 * A "NumLock" config key to configure NumLock state at boot.
 * Overhauled configuration file handling.
 * SDDM runs with the default configuration without /etc/sddm.conf
 * Initial (albeit not fully functional) Plymouth support.
 * Translations in 11 languages.
 * Several licensing and packaging improvements.
 * Better documentation, including man pages for sddm(1),
sddm-greeter(1), sddm.conf(5) and sddm-state.conf(5).

Changes since 0.9.0-rc1:
 * Better session listing. Failsafe will no longer be selected by default.
 * Fix running SDDM under a Plasma 5.0 desktop.
 * Various bug fixes

For a full list of changes, see our CHANGELOG file:

The /etc/sddm.conf configuration file is not shipped anymore.
SDDM now runs with the default configuration without /etc/sddm.conf
Users can override default settings providing their own
/etc/sddm.conf, but the format has changed since the previous release.
See sddm.conf(5) for more information.

This release also moves SDDM from alpha to beta status. It has been
battle-tested in several production machines and we are looking
forward to fixing any remaining issues with it. If you do find bugs,
or have any suggestion, please use the official Github issue tracker:

The 0.9.0 sources are hosted on Github. Please see the "INSTALL" file
for build instructions.

We would like to thank the following developers and translators for
their contributions to the project:

Aaron Seigo, Abdurrahman AVCI, Andrea Scarpino, Andreas Sturmlechner,
Arthur Țițeică, Benjamin Chrétien, Bruno Guerreiro, Christopher Roy
Bratusek, Cochise César, David Edmundson, David Heidelberger, 脏寒,
Elias Probst, František Zatloukal, Isaque Galdino, Jerome Leclanche,
Harvey Mittens, Krzysztof Kruk, Kuzma Shapran, Lasse Liehu, Martin
Bříza, Matthew Dawson, Mika Kobayashi, Nathan Weber, Nikita Mikhailov,
Petr Vanek, Pier Luigi Fiorini, Reza Fatahilah Shah, Richard Martin,
Rohan Garg, Volodymyr Medvid, Widya Walesa, Yury G. Kudryashov,
@AnAkIn1, @raffarti

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