I am a Gentoo user and forum staffer, and it's the first time I am participating in this mailing list, so, hello everyone.

I been looking for one bit of info that I can't find. I use a very particular setup with bits from here and there, and, for the time being, I am just trying to use lxqt-panel under openbox, with no key bindings daemon nor anything else from lxqt.

For now, I'd like to manage all my bindings using the openbox rc file. So, I wanted to know if there's any way to open the lxqt-panel apps menu using just the command line. If so, I could then bind that command to a key combo in openbox.

I launch about everything using dmenu which is bound to a key combo, the mouse is not my best friend, but still I am curious.

Thanks for any insight :)
Jesús Guerrero Botella