A bit late for the answer, but I can be here too (I live there, so it's easy :-))

Julien Lavergne

2014-04-23 17:38 GMT+02:00 PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com>:
My dear friends,
Well, strictly speaking it's not all about development of lxde(-qt).
I'll go to Europe this June for a conference, the EULAR Annual
European Congress of Rheumatology.
The conference is on 11-14 June 2014 and is in Paris.
Before and after the event, I can stay in Europe for several days.
Having working with you guys for years on open source stuff via the internet,
I have never seen most of you. :-)
So I'd like to ask if it's possible to meet you guys then?
We can discuss about the future of the project or even do some coding together.
Or, just have some beer, food, and talk.
Then, take a picture and post that on the blog. lol
I should go to Europe before the EULAR conference, but the exact date
is not yet decided.

Thank you.

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