Good news!
BTW, will LXQT be Linux only or BSD series too?

On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 7:15 PM, PCMan <> wrote:
Recently I made some changes to the latest lxqt code base.
1. libxdsettings is removed. Desktop settings are applied to every Qt program by using a Qt platform plugin (lxqt-qtplugin).
2. Remove direct xsettings support from pcmanfm-qt and lximage-qt and let lxqt-qtplugin handle the icon theme settings. The removal of deprecated X11 code will facilitate the migration to Qt 5.
3. I cloned lxqt-config-randr from zballina's repo. It's a better monitor config tool and can replace lxrandr-qt. I'll remove lxrandr-qt later if there're no objections.
4. Various icon related problems in pcmanfm-qt/libfm-qt are fixed. The icons are updated correctly if the icon theme is changed by lxqt-config-appearance.
5. Managing the desktop session with lxqt-session (a fixed version of razor-session) by default.
6. Autostart is now handled with xdg autostart spec only by adding *.desktop files.

So, basically everything works well now.
Things remain are:
1. Add cmake rules to create tarballs for each component
2. Fix the config tools (lxinput-qt and lxqt-config-mouse) and add a settings daemon. Lxinput-qt will be renamed to lxqt-config-input to match other config tools later.
3. Make the build process of lxde-qt repo better. Replacing the with correct CMake rules or by using external tools, such as jhbuild or kde buildsystem. (I'm not an expert of this part so I did not touch it.)
4. Update translations

BTW, I found a little problem about libqtxdg.
It assume that the current DE name is Razor and this cannot be changed.
Maybe the default value should be $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and the value should be changeable by calling a method.


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