Tjis morning I added is to all projects and granted you admin access.

Go nuts. (Don't forget to commit changes to vcs. Even partial.)

Den tisdagen den 3:e september 2013 skrev Sveinn Felli:
(already sent this request the 02.August 2013, but got no responses)

Hi all;

Just a question: how can one add a (missing) language to a pool of languages for a module ? So that they appear on the page for the respective language ?

Already translated some .PO's from .POT but can't figure out how to upload the files; my Icelandic language page only states "LXMenu data" as activated for the language. Did check pootle permissions, they seem reasonable.

Am I missing something or should I ask for manual activation of all modules ?

Best regards,
Sveinn Felli